• X/Space/Ctrl: Select option or pause
  • Arrow Keys: Direct snake
  • Z: During "Game Over", re-select options

This is a recreation of the classic snake game. Some deviations from the original include the ability to select certain parameters of the game, having multiple "food" (mice), and the mice move randomly around the game area!

I created this game as my submission to the first WASM-4 Game Jam and learned some more Zig along the way. I really enjoyed this process and looked forward to each time I could work on it. I've been a professional programmer for a decade but have not done much game development. So while this project wasn't technically difficult, it was great for game-dev education. The minimalism of the WASM-4 fantasy console certainly kept scope in check and kept me motivated.

I hope you enjoy!

Note: you may need to click in the game element for it to gain focus and listen to key presses.


cart.wasm 32 kB

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